The Firm

At Covali Bezede Comandari we are committed first and foremost to the quality of the services we provide for our clients. We appreciate their trust and we value their resources. We are a team of skilled and passionate attorneys aiming to excel at what we do.

Our work is based on a “partners hands-on throughout” approach. Because we are specialized in complex issues (transactions or litigation), we understand that our clients need a direct access to a partner. Our talented associates are here to help each partner in delivering the quality work.

We are specialized in working with foreign investors with either an activity or an interest in Moldova. Among our clients are some of the biggest Italian investors as well as some Anglo-Saxon and German multinationals. We provide legal services on a regular basis in English and Italian, as well as in the languages spoken in Moldova (Romanian and Russian).

In a nutshell, our practice can be easily divided in two main directions: transactions and legal consulting, as well as litigation and arbitration. A core principle that we stand on, is that we have lawyers specialized in either of these directions. These lawyers work mainly in the boundaries of their practice and this, as a consequence, brings to the client a high-quality service.

We assist our clients in complex mergers and acquisitions deals, be it in entering or extending their activity on the Moldovan market. Our strong litigation practice is backed by continuous hard work, careful research and drafting of the documents for a specific court or tribunal, as well as the talent and passion of the lawyers involved.